Welcome To Northwoods Golf Club

At dawn, just as the sun breaks the horizon and the morning dew is still a fragrant glaze blanketing the freshly mown lawn, golfers find solace in the pinging sound of golf balls that soar across the beautifully landscaped terrain. The 18-hole course at Northwoods Golf Club is a welcoming oasis for golfers of all stripes, summoning players to traverse the immaculate grounds. The course was designed to emanate southern charm with rows of towering pine trees and the tranquil waters of Moores Pond, a prominent feature on multiple holes. Designed by P.B. Dye, son of famous course architect Pete Dye, the track stretches 6,800 yards for a par of 72. PGA professionals Greg McBride and Burke Cromer oversee the club’s lessons, making use of the lighted driving range to help students improve their games well after the sun goes down.

“One of the best golf deals in the area with an interesting course layout. I recommend it to anyone.”


Northwoods is open to the public. People from all over the state and the country come to try their hands at playing on one of P.B. Dye’s first majestic golf course creations.

Professional Lessons

Take Professional Lessons to help perfect your game. We’re here to enrich your experience and help you reach your full potential.


We do take care of our Elders by giving them a Senior rate for Golf. This way they can spend everyday golfing!

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